Road trip through Israel: From hummus and three oceans. A Guide. Part3

A Tamar
In this very small town in the desert slightly south of the Dead Sea we arrived, everything was cheap relative already booked around the Dead Sea as we have two days before started our search. Note: Accommodation at the Dead Sea is preplan.
Our cottage “Mountain Shadow” was but for a sensational alternative. Spacious and great views over the desert. For 100 euros for three people per night so really fine! From our hosts we have received from their field and homemade biscuits not only about 3 pounds of fresh peppers, but also get a FREE tour of the surrounding area. Man, we are incredibly comfortable here.

Since you can not get around it, I am not a fan of ruins, but these former Jewish fortress on a mountain situated worthwhile if only for the views of the desert and the Dead Sea (unfortunately in our day pretty hazy). Due to time constraints we have the gondola up and taken down – I would have preferred more time but certainly at the trail, Snake Path.

The Dead Sea ( Ein Gedi )
On the way from Masada to Jerusalem the place is Ein Gedi at the Dead Sea. We originally wanted to stay in the recommended Beit Sarah Guest House & Youth Hostel (fully booked). A short stop we had, of course, still there because of the access to the Dead Sea lodge. Et Voila!

Phew, what a city. Everything and nothing like I had always imagined. Personally, I was a little overwhelmed with the very present religions and the history of this place .. But without question is Jerusalem a fascinating and impressive city. When I’ve tried, such as at the Western Wall, to see religion as something that is simply without judging it, I could watch on Friday night to sunset with a somewhat more detached perspective the spectacle. For then, thousands of Jews flock the stairs and small alleys of the Old City down to pray at the Western Wall. But it was a little disturbing a large group of young soldiers in uniform and with machine guns, mingled also among the crowd. That did not fit together so right for me.
But especially in Jerusalem one is confronted with the situation in Israel. It would be useless to close our eyes. How can I ignore the many young guys in civil walking holding hands and walking with her ​​friend and her fat gun on the street. So as if with only two accessories. The more I understand about Jerusalem, what happens especially on the free tour of the old town, the more I understand Israel. And the old town with its four quarters – the Armenian, Jewish, Christian, and muslims – and the views over the city and its hills – which is in itself so worth some walks. Not to forget the souk market in the old town! I Ate very good vegetarian / vegan dishes we had at the Village Green. Good local beer we have in the Uganda bar drunk (+ cool music). And we chilled at Sacher Park. A cool hostel to the Abraham Hostel (we had an Airbnb apartment in central New Jerusalem for 100 euros per night).