Road trip through Israel: From hummus and three oceans. A Guide. Part2

Kibbutz Neot Semadar
After two days in Tel Aviv, we wanted as quickly as possible out of the city and into the desert.
What space, this surreal landscape, this rest. These sunsets! My friend Lena had a kibbutz called Neot Semadar located, about 300 km south of Tel Aviv. We were the only guests, but we enjoyed our lonely seclusion valuable – especially at 450 shekels per night (approx. 100 Euro)!
Just something disturbing was the barbed wire fence that has surrounded the kibbutz, and the occasional shooting noises of training soldiers in the area. Not far from the kibbutz is the corresponding Neot Smadar café where you can really great vegan food. In addition, in the shop, local, sustainable products such as olive oil, wines, teas and natural cosmetics that are all manufactured from kibbutz sold.

Eilat (Red Sea)
Eilat is the only Israeli city on the Red Sea – there is plenty of space!
We said: “Horny, Red Sea! We must go!” But what Israel has done with its few kilometers of coastline down there, already nearly falls under “criminal.”
Fats Hotelbetonbauten and industrial stretch along the Israeli strip between Jordan and Egypt. Slightly shocking, but well, it can happen. I then also refrain from the not so nice side to take photos. A small patch of rocky beach we were able to discover on Coral Beach.
It was nice then a bit: Jordan was directly opposite, a short walk in the direction of Egypt, a few miles further the road. The blue water and the fish at the start. A little nap in the 28 degree hot sun (in January). Sea is and remains just a sea.